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Pre-Owned Products

Companion 2012


Make: Conqueror
Model: Companion
Year: 2012


Model: 2012

Inventory List:

3 x 16" Steel rims and 245/70/R16 All Terrain tyres, Spare wheel carrier serving as extra stub axle

Coil spring suspension, Torsion bar, Gas struts for roof lifting, Rear stabilizers, Jerry can holders

Water Tanks set (99 Lit + 61 Lit) = 160 Lit, Carpet on floor, Fire Extinguisher, Minibar bottle holder fitted inside door, Basins and bracket, Canvas utility bag-fitted inside door, Modular kitchen and fridge sliding rail, Wolf pack frame for 4x wolfpacks.

90 lit National Luna fridge/freezer

LED lights x 6, Hella Plugs x 2, Aluminium nose box, Inside cupboards with canvas doors

Mountings for Axe, Spade,

Aluminium stone protection, Interior pressurizing blower

Instant Front fold-out tent and double bed with hard top

Instant Side fold-out tent and double bed with hard top

Gas bottle mountings x2, Intelligent powerpack 20A/h 14.5 V with 20m extension

Dometic stainless steel 2 plate stove, Dometic stainless steel taps / hot and cold

2 x Batteries 102A/h, Brad Harrison Plug, 220v Inlet Plug

Double Jockey Wheel, Hammer, 1 Yellow Jerry Can and 1 Green Jerry Can

Front tent poles (2 Big window rods, 2 Thin window rods, 3 Set Tent Rods)

Side tent poles (2 Big window rods, 2 Thin window rods, 3 Set Tent Rods)

5 Tent Poles in Canvas Bags (2 in one bag, 3 in another bag), Anchor Pegsx7 Big, 7xSmall

Small Straight Pegs x 11, Guy Ropes (13).

Contact Details

Name: Alicia Herman
Contact Number: 021 072 0800
Email: sales2@conqueror-cpt.co.za


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