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    Compact II

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    Conquest II

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    Supra II

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    Companion II

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    450 Roadster

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    Patriot – Front Fold

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    Patriot – Back Fold

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    Patriot – Dual Fold

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Pre-Owned Products

Compact II 2010 CPT


Make: Conqueror
Model: Compact II
Year: 2010


Model 2010



3 x 16” Steel rims and 245/70/R16 tyres

Aluminium site steps and stone protection, nosecone & two side access doors & rear door

Roof-rack on nose cone

2 Heavy duty support legs fitted at rear of trailer

Fridge sliding rail

Water-tanks 2 x 55 lit set

Tent pole container

2 x Gas bottle holders

2 x Gas bottles

Spare wheel bracket

2 slide out shelves

2 slide out wolfpack/ammo box frames

Bathroom cupboard

Mini Bar

5 Female Hella Plugs

4 Strip LED lights

Mounting for axe, spade and slasher

Axe, spade & slasher

Slide out L-shape kitchen unit with loose 2 plate stove with Aluminium lid cover

2 Jerry Can holders; 2 Black Front Runner Jerry Cans

2 Utility Bags fitted in nosecone doors

Spare wheel braai grid and cover

17 Straight Pegs,7 Anchor Pegs, 4 Round Ground Pegs, 5 Pole set (10)

Fitted with: 80 Lit National Luna camping fridge, 4 Wolfpacks/ammo boxes, cutlery & crockery set, Pressurised water pump, 2 Batteries 100 A/h, L-shape Awning (PVC), 7 Guy Ropes.

Contact Details

Name: Alicia Herman
Contact Number: 021 072 0800
Email: sales2@conqueror-cpt.co.za


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