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    450 Roadster

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    Patriot – Front Fold

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    Patriot – Back Fold

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    Patriot – Dual Fold

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Conqueror Products

Conqueror Bed Linen

Conqueror has now released a range of bed linen specifically crafted for their range of off-road campers. The linen is of the highest quality and hand crafted to ensure excellence.

A complete set consists of a duvet cover with a hollow fibre inner, two pillow cases with a hollow fibre pillows, a fitted sheet and a washing bag.

The CONQUEROR logo is displayed on the washing bag and duvet cover. All prints are done in the African Range and while quality is always assured the print may vary depending on availability.
The top layer of the duvet cover is semi-scotched to assure durability and easy cleaning for the family with kids that like to play on the bed. The bed linen can be pre-ordered in 100% Egyptian Cotton for the discerning client.

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