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Off-Road Capability and Luxury


Main Features

Our new range of Off-Road Campers has raised the bar in design, build and luxury once again. Following the revealing of our prototype units at the Annual African Caravan | Camp & Destination Show we have commenced production and will bring you more details on this great range of products soon.
Note: Images may not be representative of actual production models and price is subject to change.

Suspension & chassis

  • Independent d-arm with coil & double shock absorbers.
  • The overall performance of a fully independent suspension is far more superior than that of a solid beam or torsion type suspension. The suspension provides improved articulation over obstacles, increased ride heights, softer ride quality on both tar and corrugated roads and an uncompromised towing experience.
  • 16” rims or optional alloy upgrade with 245/70/r16 tyres.
  • Adjustable wheel alignment.
  • Auto reverse coupler with run in braking system.
  • Hot dipped galvanised boxed a-frame and chassis.
  • Corner stabilizer jacks.

Body construction

  • The Conqueror UEV range of campers are manufactured using a lightweight aluminium frame and ultra-light reinforced composite panels.
  • Aluminium frames and components are epoxy coated which provides a durable finish and is more resistant to scratches, chipping, wear and fade.
  • Structural components are designed and manufactured for maximum strength with minimal weight.

Interior layout & storage

  • Side fold out double bed.
  • Interior storage cupboards.
  • Interior dimmable LED lights.
  • Optional low current yet powerful interior fans.
  • Optional media centre.
  • Rear access door

Exterior layout & storage


  • Conveniently laid-out retractable kitchen drawer with dedicated fridge storage.
  • Dedicated cutlery & crockery storage.
  • Two plate gas burners.
  • Hot and cold-water wash-up facility.
  • External pantry.


  • Externally located, fully enclosed hot and cold water shower cubicle.


  • Low centre of gravity 205 litre water tanks.
  • Auto shut-off water pump.
  • Instant hot water geyser.
  • Integrated plumbing for kitchen and bathroom.

External storage:

  • Two jerry can holders.
  • Dedicated gas bottle storage.
  • Nosecone with dedicated axe and spade mountings.


  • Two deep cycle batteries.
  • 12v anderson plug for dc charging from vehicle or solar panels.
  • 24a/14.7v (max) intelligent charger integrated into an easy to use power control panel with infographic display.
  • External LED lights.
  • Interior dimmable LED lights.
  • Led taillights.
  • External hella plugs.
  • Front and rear side markers.
  • Dust limiting cabin pressure fan.


The UEV range of campers currently offer a 270 deg insta awning which shades the rear and kitchen area and features a uniquely designed frame with integrated dropdown poles that sets up in just a few minutes. Its design does not require any additional support poles and is manufactured using the highest quality materials that will endure the harshest conditions.

Note: rally tent option available soon.

Unique features

  • Lightweight.
  • Two sleeper.
  • Independent d-arm with coil & double shock absorbers.
  • Unique design and building techniques.
  • Dust limiting cabin pressure fan.
  • Ultra-lightweight construction materials.



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